Preserve your fresh herbs for cooking later with this trick

Make sure you’re not throwing away good herbs.

Fresh herbs add so much flavour and interest to home cooking, so it’s little wonder they’re so popular. Many people like to keep their own herb garden so their favourite herbs are always on hand when they’re needed, but not everyone has the space, time, or inclination to do this.

Luckily, for those of us without a herb garden, we can buy fresh herbs from the supermarket. This is an upgrade from the times when the only herbs we could purchase were dried ones in glass bottles! Not that there’s anything wrong with dried herbs, they have their place in cooking, but nothing beats fresh.

The only problem is, buying herbs every time you need them can be an expensive and wasteful practice. Usually, we only use a small amount of the bunch we buy, and they only last a few days in the refrigerator so unless you’re doing a lot of cooking, you’re likely to have to buy more next time.

With this clever trick however, you’ll be able to preserve your leftover fresh herbs ready to use the next time you need them!

Simply chop or tear up the herbs into smaller pieces, and place the pieces in an ice cube tray. Next, fill the ice cube tray with olive oil, and freeze. Pop the frozen cubes into a container labelled with which herb it is, and you’ll have them ready to pop straight into the pan next time you’re cooking!

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